COLLABORATION WITH IN2P3 - Minutes of the COPIGAL (LEA) Steering Committee Meeting

The Minutes of the recent 12th COPIGAL (LEA) Stearing Committee Meeting one finds at the link Minutes_12th_COPIGAL_SC_Meeting


Minutes (main points)

of the 11th COPIGAL Steering Committee Meeting

held on Thursday, August  28th, 2014, from 13:00 to around 15:00,

in Kraków, Poland


Present: J. Styczen, A. Maj, M. Jezabek (Chair), B. Fornal, M. Lewitowicz, J. Jastrzebski, D. Guillemaud-Mueller, J. Gerl

Excused: N. Alamanos, F. Staley


1)    Report on COPIGAL activities in 2014

·         Similarly to the previous years, about 30% of available funds were spent in the period January – August 2014.

·         Already requested visits in France and funds dedicated to the visits of the IFJ fitters and engineers for the construction of SPIRAL2 LINAC will allow to spend the total “French” budget in 2014

·         A part of the underspent budget will be reserved from polish side for the 2015 conferences and visits

2)    Discussion on financial support in 2015

·         IN2P3/CNRS and DSM/CEA will request similar support for COPIGAL in 2015 as in 2014

·         The current COPIGAL agreement will finish in the end of 2015, the corresponding grant in Poland will end in 2016

·         2015 conferences

o        in Poland in: Mazurian Lake Conference, COMEX and Kazimierz Dolny symposium

o        in France Colloque GANIL

·         Support for experiments in France and in Poland via the ENSAR 2 Horizon 2020 project is not certain so the maintain of the COPIGAL budget is essential to ensure experimental program in particular for the campaign of AGATA@GANIL

·         A new project for the support of IFJ in the construction of SPIRAL2 LINAC should be submitted in the end of 2014 requesting funds in 2015

3)    Organization of the next COLLIGA-COPIGAL-POLITA Workshop (date and place)

·         A joint meeting was proposed in Sicily by April 2016 at the last COLLIGA-COPIGAL Joint SC meeting

·         Request for support of the POLITA project in Poland will be submitted soon, an answer expected in January 2015

·         Fr-I collaboration following the LIA COPIGAL is currently under construction (signature end of 2014/ beginning of 2015)

·         Due to current uncertainties on the available budget the decision on the Joint COLLIGA-COPIGAL-POLITA Workshop should be taken by the beginning of 2015


4)    Date and place of the next SC meeting

It was decided to held the next SC meeting on January 16, 2015 at CNRS/IN2P3 Paris

The 2015 call for the COPIGAL funds will be launched by November 2014 with a dead-line in the beginning of January 2015.


5)    AOB

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